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Child with a cleft lip being kissed by guardian, smiling into camera

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

As many as 5 million children and adults live with unrepaired cleft conditions in the countries where we work – many of them out of reach of any essential health services. At Operation Smile, we know that solutions to the most demanding global health challenges lie at the intersection of profit and purpose, and that corporate partnerships have a unique opportunity to accelerate positive impact. 

Why Partnerships? Nine Stats That Make the Case for Companies and Nonprofits

When a company leads with purpose, consumers and employees are:

  • 78% more likely to want to work for that company
  • 76% more likely to trust that company
  • 72% more likely to be loyal to that company
  • 70% more likely to defend that company if someone spoke badly of it
  • 72% more likely to forgive that company if it makes a misstep

How purpose impacts consumer behavior:

  • 66% consider a company’s purpose when making purchase decisions
  • 62% believe a company’s purpose is an important factor when making a quick or impulse purchase
  • 71% would purchase from a purpose-driven company over the alternative when cost and quality are equal
  • 78% are more likely to remember a company with a strong purpose

In today’s environment, consumers, shareholders and employees alike are increasingly expecting companies to act on their social commitments and do more by doing better. There's much to gain when values are aligned in partnership with nonprofits such as Operation Smile.

Source: Porter Novelli Purpose Perception Study, 2020

Business Benefits of Nonprofit Partnership

We partner with companies that want to do more good in the world. Together, your investment in our programs can help shape equitable health solutions that increase access to essential surgical care, improving the health and dignity of people for years to come – with tangible impact.

We can help you: 

  • Align company culture and values and bolster stakeholder brand affinity through programmatic investments.
  • Improve employee engagement and retention when staff feels part of a purpose driven brand.
  • Create social impact through innovative cause-related marketing campaigns that increase sales, engage new customers and build positive brand perceptions. 
  • Integrate your product or service into our programs worldwide through medical donations and in-kind support to optimize impact globally.

Corporate partners work with our brand to co-create compelling initiatives that engage their customers and staff, adding to a positive brand lift and bottom line. They invest in scalable solutions that transform lives and communities around the world. 

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Partner Spotlight: Baxter International Foundation

We’ve seen firsthand the impact our corporate partners can have on patients and communities. In Durgapur, West Bengal, India, Operation Smile’s comprehensive cleft care center serves a city and surrounding rural areas where these services are in dire need. 

To reach some of the region’s hardest-to-reach patients, our Durgapur team partners with local community organizations to connect patients with world-class health professionals so they can receive the care that they deserve. 

Since 2019, our year-round care centers, supported by the Baxter International Foundation, have directly impacted over 27,000 people and helped us deliver surgery to more than 6,900 children and adults with cleft lip and cleft palate. Their support has ensured that patients and families, like Shahid and his parents, have ongoing access to the surgery and comprehensive cleft care he needs.

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Family in Durgapur

See How We're Improving Access to Surgery in India

Our life-changing work in Durgapur and at care centers across India has helped thousands of families like Shahid's (pictured) and is made possible through our partnership with the Baxter International Foundation, which shares our vision of improving health and dignity by advancing safe surgery.

Our Key Partners

Sometimes early cleft surgery isn't accessible due to lack of financial resources or the availability of qualified medical staff and other factors that make surgery safe. When cleft surgery is an option, the cost can be a devastating expense for families, leading to overwhelming despair and hopelessness.

Operation Smile fosters long-term relationships with companies that share our vision for improving the health and dignity of children and families in underserved communities, so that they can live a better quality of life in greater confidence.

All of our partners share our idealism in bringing patients renewed hope, healing and health that lasts through a variety of projects and initiatives that mutually benefit our respective brands.  

Thank you to our corporate partners.

Partner With Operation Smile

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