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About Us

About Us

About Operation Smile and Cleft Conditions

What is a cleft lip and how often do cleft conditions happen? Why do cleft conditions happen and can they be prevented? Does a cleft condition cause problems for a child? Can cleft lip and cleft palate be repaired?

Our Vision

Through our expertise in treating cleft lip and cleft palate, Operation Smile creates solutions that deliver safe surgery to people where it’s needed most. What started as a family-led, medical-mission based organization has grown into a global network of passionate individuals united under the belief that access to safe surgery is not a privilege, but a universal human right.


Operation Smile began nearly 40 years ago, through the compassion and commitment of our visionary co-founders, Dr. Bill Magee and Kathy Magee. Meet the Magees, our senior leadership and board of directors.


Operation Smile research informs programmatic and clinical activities, and is thoughtfully shared with the larger medical community to serve patients globally.


Committed to being the best steward of your gifts, we direct funds to programs that bring the highest standards of care to people living with cleft and other facial and dental conditions, as detailed in our annual reports and financial statements.

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A child is born with cleft every 3 minutes. You can give one of these children a life-saving treatment today for just $240.