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Stories You Make Possible

Stories You Make Possible

Explore Operation Smile stories from around the world highlighting the courage of patients and their families, the dedication of our volunteers and staff, and the generosity of supporters like you.


Scenes of Hope and Healing: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Last month in Tegucigalpa, 112 patients arrived to receive screening during one of Operation Smile Honduras’ largest surgical programs since the onset of the pandemic.

A Family’s Mission to Help Others Spans Across 40 Years of Love and Leadership

Attending surgical programs as a child left a lasting impression on Dr. Billy Magee and influenced who he is as a surgeon. But as a father, the impression was deep enough that he jumped at the chance to give his oldest son, Liam, an opportunity to have a similar experience during a recent program in Rwanda.

A Brighter Day for Sunday

Esner refused to let her son’s future be consumed by harmful gossip and whispers. Sunday’s happiness and well-being motivated her to find a solution.

Volunteer Voices: Women in Medicine, Lima, Peru

An Operation Smile signature initiative pursuing the goal of providing access to safe surgery and cleft care for 1 million patients over the next decade, Women in Medicine aims to close the gender gap in health care leadership so that more patients can receive care in more places.

Educate, Enrich, Empower: Q&A with Clinical Coordinator Homaire Caicedo

With August being National Breastfeeding Month, Homaire Caicedo is actively spreading awareness about the importance of supporting breastfeeding mothers as early as possible in their child’s development. 

Serving More People in More Places: Operation Smile Champion Program

Piloted in Escuintla, Guatemala, the Operation Smile Champion Program brought together experienced volunteers to educate Guatemalan mentees with the goal of helping more families access timely cleft care.

“His surgery was the best gift ever”

A once exciting ultrasound appointment quickly took a turn in a way that Naira never imagined.

Helping Heal Through Therapeutic Play: Q&A with Psychosocial Care Provider Cathy Cheonga

In this Q&A, Cathy Cheonga shares what drives her to help patients and parents overcome the challenges they face as well as what ambitions she has for Operation Smile Malawi.

Before Discovering Surgery, Iddrisah Finds Love

Although Iddrisah doesn’t precisely remember what his bullies said to him growing up, he still recalls the exact moment he first laid eyes on the woman who would eventually become his wife. 


It takes as little as $240 and as few as 45 minutes to provide life-changing surgery and a bright, beautiful new smile to a waiting child.