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Give Stock

Give Stock

When considering what assets to use to make a gift to Operation Smile, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities can be an attractive option and offer special tax benefits. Congress has provided that you can deduct the full value of such gifts, including any amount that would be owed in capital gains tax if sold and no capital gains is due on the gift.

If you would like to make a gift of stocks, bonds or mutual funds to Operation Smile please give the following information to your registered representative, broker dealer or mutual fund company.

Operation Smile, Inc.
Tax ID 54-1460147
Broker dealer: Wells Fargo
DTC number: 0141
Account Number: 6675-8301
Representative: Brett Hayes, Wells Fargo Advisors, Richmond, VA
Phone: 1-804-353-3260

Important: Contact Jodi Chaler at 757-500-8605 to learn more or to receive a tax receipt for gifts of appreciated securities.

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