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Carlos Munoz Vega Operation Smile Ambassador from Stryker.

Stryker Smiles

Stryker Smiles

Together, Stryker and Operation Smile are helping people around the world access the safe surgical care that they deserve.

Five billion people lack access to essential surgical care – that’s 2/3 of the global population. With Operation Smile, we are on a mission to ensure no parent has to tell their child they can’t get the care they need.

Through the Stryker Smiles campaign, Stryker employees are helping to fund critically needed surgical care for children with cleft conditions in low- and middle-income countries.

Operation Smile - India - January 2017
Operation Smile - India - January 2017
Operation Smile - Nicaragua - November 2017
In addition to supporting surgical care, Stryker sponsors various Operation Smile education and training programs that:

Train surgeons across the world so that they can deliver safe, effective and timely care.

Expand opportunities for research for emerging medical leaders in low-and middle-income countries

Increase the surgical capacity of hospitals in low-and middle-income environments, so more patients can access the care they deserve.

Together, we are transforming the lives of children across the globe.
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Carlos Munoz Vega Operation Smile Ambassador from Stryker, Spain with patients awaiting screening.
Total Impact

6,500+ smiles healed by employees since 2015

Since the early 1990s, Stryker and Operation Smile have shared a vision to make health care better.

With Stryker’s support, which to date totals over $4.8 million in cash and gifts in kind, Operation Smile has been able to deliver the highest quality surgical care to the world’s most marginalized populations, and grow its reach to more than 60 countries worldwide.