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We invite you to join the frontier of companies redefining corporate philanthropy at home and around the world. We know providing access to safe surgical care for the worlds most marginalized communities is no easy task. Join us as we tackle the solution together. Contact us to learn more about partnership opportunities.

Catalyst for Collaboration

We are one of the oldest and largest medical nonprofits dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children with cleft conditions.

Our partners are changing thousands of lives while also benefiting from surpassed sales goals, improved employee satisfaction, deepened consumer engagement and increased brand awareness. By partnering with us, the same passion, energy and innovation that makes your company successful can make a profound, positive impact on the world.

Our shared-value approach combines corporate success and social purpose to attract new audiences and reaffirm loyalty in your brand. Let’s work together to generate value that gives back to our global community.

Strategic Investment

After his surgery, 9-year-old Bipul in India can pursue his dream of pursuing an education thanks to strategic investments from partners like the Baxter International Foundation. Their $2.2 million commitment over three years has enabled us to open year-round centers of care, provide surgery and multidisciplinary care services, such as dentistry, speech therapy and more, and serve even more patients like Bipul.

Contact our team to find out how you can strategically invest in critical programmatic initiatives in one of the more than 30 countries where we work. Operation Smile offers numerous projects to partners to drive mutual success and collective impact.

Adam Corbin J&J family photo

Employee Engagement

Operation Smile’s customized global employee engagement campaigns boost employee morale and deepen loyalty and commitment.

Ethicon employee Adam Corbin never imaged that his work making surgical sutures with our 30-plus-year partner, Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies, would have such an impact on his life. His son Carter was born with a cleft condition and the sutures Adam’s team makes, and that we use to help children around the world, were likely used in his son Carter’s surgery. Adam joined our Employee Engagement efforts through Johnson & Johnson as a champion and raised funds, created awareness for Operation Smile.

Join us and show your employees the difference they can make through a collaborative employee engagement program with Operation Smile.

Cause-Related Marketing

Everyone’s favorite snack company Lay’s found that 66% of Americans consider themselves to be happy people. They teamed up with us to spread more smiles and joy through the multi-year Smile With Lays campaign. The campaign generated sales growth for Lay’s and met the million-dollar donation goal both years.

Our best-in-class cause-related marketing campaigns can connect the hearts and minds of your consumers and drive greater commitment to your brand. Connect with our corporate philanthropy team to learn more about our data-driven approach to social impact.

Gifts in Kind

From medical supplies and technology, to transportation and the donation of services, contributions from our partners make a real difference. For example, our medical volunteers rely on the world-class anesthetic agents that our partner, AbbVie, provides to ensure the children we care for receive the best surgical experience. Those medical volunteers are also fueled by our friends at Clif Bar & Company, who donate energy bars to keep our teams nourished during long surgery days.

Contact us today and see how your company can integrate your products with our purpose, our gifts-in-kind team is always ready to explore new opportunities.


Join Our Global Family

We work with a diverse range of organizations including private and public enterprise, civic and community interest groups, social impact foundations, and medical, professional, and educational institutions. Let’s work together to find innovative ways to deliver the greatest impact.

“Stryker’s Mission is to work with our customers to make health care better, and there is no better demonstration than being on a mission with Operation Smile, where we can work side-by-side with health care professionals to help patients and their families live healthier, happier lives.”

– Yin Becker, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications, Stryker