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Global Surgery Fellowship

Global Surgery Fellowship

We believe a critical part of creating a future, where access to safe, affordable, and timely surgical care is available to everyone, is to cultivate the next generation of global health leaders.

To promote this mission, we have developed the Global Surgery Fellowship program, which gives young medical professionals long-term opportunities to expand and enhance their global health knowledge and expertise. The fellows are fully integrated into Operation Smile’s work and gain exposure to research, advocacy and on-ground programmatic global surgery initiatives in the low-and middle-income countries where we work.

This flexible two-year program continues to grow and evolve from original partnership with the University of Southern California and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. Since its inception in 2011, 12 fellows from four countries have participated in the program.

Program Overview

Fellows are given the opportunity to conduct work that will directly impact the way we provide care, engage with our local teams, and interact with governments and ministries of health. 

  • Project Support: Fellows will support both pilot and ongoing initiatives as medical advisors, thought leaders, monitors and evaluators, and programmatic designers. They will champion the dissemination of organizational best-practices and programmatic innovation to the broader public health and medical communities through local, national and international presentations and scientific publications.  
  • Research: Fellows will conduct clinical and population-based research projects related to surgical care delivery, surgical disease burden, barriers to care, education, epidemiology, genetics, and operative outcomes, among other areas. Experience will include grant writing, study design, data collection, data analysis, manuscript development, and dissemination of the results to key stakeholders.
  • Global Surgery Advocacy: Fellows will attend conferences, key global surgery events, and meetings with country leaders and ministries of health. Advocacy efforts will support the organizations strategies and impact within the global surgery arena. Through close work with key organizational leaders, fellows will also have opportunities to speak on behalf of the organization.

Fellow placement opportunities vary geographically and strategically based on individual interest and the needs of our organization.

Application Information 

Interested candidates will gain experience working in low-and middle-income countries where we provide cleft care. Applicants must be participating or have recently completed residency programs for general or plastic surgery, anesthesiology, or similar medical specialties. In addition to medical training, experience in writing grant proposals, data collection, data analysis and manuscripts is valued.  

For application information and all other questions, contact us

You can stay up to date on the exciting work our fellows are doing by following them on Twitter.

Global Surgery Fellows


Daniel Bradley

Fellow Cohort: August 2021-2023

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
From: London, UK

Current projects include the Cleft Surgery Training Program, New Patient Health Record project and the Comprehensive Cleft Care Handbook.


Atenas Bustamante

Fellow Cohort: July 2021-2023

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
From: Lima, Peru

Current projects include Cleft Surgery Training Program, the Comprehensive Cleft Care Handbook and Women in Medicine.

Bart Celie

Bart Celie

Fellow Cohort: July 2022-2024

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
From: Los Angeles

Current projects: New patient health record, cleft surgery outcomes, DALY philosophy and conscientious objection in global health

Hebah Daradkeh

Hebah Daradkeh

Fellow Cohort: September 2022-2024

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
From: Amman, Jordan

Current Projects: Women in Medicine, Cleft Surgery Training Program, Operation Smile Academy and burn-related projects.

Sidney Ulrick

Ulrick Sidney Kanmounye

Fellow Cohort: January 2021-2023

Specialty: Neurosurgery
From: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Current projects include global surgery advocacy, the International Family Study and the Speech Dream project.


Chifundo Msokera

Fellow Cohort: January 2020-2022

Specialty: Anesthesiology
From: Blantyre, Malawi

Current projects include the Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery Provider Landscape Study, Medical Students Study and the Cleft Anesthesia Training Program.


Arsen Muhumuza

Fellow Cohort: July 2021-2023

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
From: Kigali, Rwanda

Current projects include Global Essential Surgery project, Cleft Surgery Training Program and work with Operation Smile Rwanda.


Mikyla Jade Rata

Fellow Cohort: January 2022-2023

From: Western Australia

Current Projects: Women in Medicine, Policy & Advocacy, UBS/GES project in Madagascar and new patient health record

Barbara Salazar

Barbara Salazar

Fellow Cohort: September 2022-2024

Specialty: Dental Surgery
From: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Current Projects: Oral Health, Operation Smile Academy and Women in Medicine

Fernanda Tapia

Maria Fernanda Tapia

Fellow Cohort: March 2021-2023

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
From: Bogotá, Colombia

Current projects include the Cleft Surgery Training Program, Comprehensive Cleft Care Handbook and Women in Medicine.


Marvee Turk

Fellow Cohort: July 2021-2023

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
From: Los Angeles, California, USA

Current projects include the New Patient Records Project, Global Surgery Training Challenge and Women in Medicine.

Global Surgery Junior Fellows


Dory Ainaz Barkhordarzadeh

Junior Fellow Cohort: July 2021-2023
From: Los Angeles, California, USA

Current projects include Women in Medicine, the Cleft Anesthesia Training Program and Malawi Survey project.


Sonia Treminio

Junior Fellow Cohort: July 2021-2023
From: Lynwood, USA

Current projects include Women in Medicine and the Malawi Survey project.


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