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Stories You Make Possible

Stories You Make Possible

Explore Operation Smile stories from around the world highlighting the courage of patients and their families, the dedication of our volunteers and staff, and the generosity of supporters like you.


Meet Our Patients: Guatemala City

Lia, Jobito and Dayana were three out of 62 patients who received transformational cleft care during the May 2022 surgical program in Guatemala City. Here are their stories.

Cycle for Smiles: Q&A with Brigette Clifford and Victor Mansure

Almost every day, our patients begin their journeys toward new smiles and brighter futures. During Cycle for Smiles, riders can start their own journey toward helping raise funds for more children to receive transformational cleft surgery.

Haitam’s Journey Toward Healing and Happiness

Haitam and his family’s love for one another motivated them to push past the financial, emotional and geographical barriers that separated him from a new smile.

Hope Emerges From His New Smile

VIDEO: For María, facing the unexpected of having a son with a cleft condition became less daunting after connecting with Operation Smile Mexico and its team of caring and passionate volunteers.

A Promise Kept

VIDEO: Nearly a decade after Operation Smile gave his son a new smile, Alex Guerrero vowed to find every person in his country living with an untreated cleft condition. With his inspired patient advocacy program, Alex hopes no other family endures what his family went through.

Celebrating National Nurses Month: The Essential Roles of Operation Smile Nurses

Operation Smile nurses represent the only medical volunteers who actively provide care for patients through every stage of the surgical process.

Scenes of Hope and Healing: Tamatave Surgical Program

In late April 2022, Operation Smile hosted its first international surgical program in Madagascar since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Follow the stories of some of our patients and medical volunteers as they unite for this long-awaited and life-changing experience.

Picturing Her New Beginning

After living 52 years with an untreated cleft lip, Akosua discovered a new passion for helping people like herself.

Timely Cleft Surgery, Brighter Futures

The early discovery of their son’s cleft condition transformed Felipe and America’s fear into determination as they searched for a solution in the months leading up to his birth.


It takes as little as $240 and as few as 45 minutes to provide life-changing surgery and a bright, beautiful new smile to a waiting child.