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Stories You Make Possible

Explore Operation Smile stories from around the world highlighting the courage of patients and their families, the dedication of our volunteers and staff, and the generosity of supporters like you.


Compassion, Community and A Catalyst for Care

Empowered by his love for his family and the support of his community, Mtengeni overcame seemingly impossible barriers to get his daughter the care she deserved.

Timely Surgery Leads to Rania’s Brighter Future

With timely surgical intervention from Operation Smile Morocco, Rania avoided the health problems and painful stigma that some people endure when living with an untreated cleft condition.

Unforeseen Hope Arises in Malawi: Magret’s Story

In 34 years, Magret found love, spread joy and created a beautiful family. However, surgery for her cleft condition continued to elude her.

Changing Perceptions: National Birth Defects Prevention Month

VIDEO: In honor of National Birth Defects Prevention Month, we're sharing how we uphold our patients' dignity by refusing to use their condition as a way to define them.

A Mother’s Love Overcomes Unexpected Challenges

Two months prior to when he was expected, Ethan was born. Worry for her premature baby filled Dayrim with fear and uncertainty, which only intensified when she saw his smile for the first time. 

Why Research Matters: A Conversation With Operation Smile Global Surgery Fellows

Global Surgery Fellows Drs. Priyanka Naidu and Zach Collier engage in a Q&A session where they discuss their impact as global health leaders.

Our Year in Review: 2021

While our 2021 fiscal year proved to be another challenging year for our patients, their families and our teams around the world, it was also a year that showcased Operation Smile’s commitment, resilience and adaptiveness.

Meet Our Patients: Wen Ting and Xiang Cui

Although they were born with cleft conditions in the same country, Wen Ting and Xiang Cui lived two very different lives. Here are their stories.

Support That Empowers: Q&A with Volunteer Psychologist Chorok Al Hodi

Volunteer psychologist Chorok Al Hodi supports the mental health and emotional well-being of not only expecting parents but patients who’ve received life-changing cleft surgery.


It takes as little as $240 and as few as 45 minutes to provide life-changing surgery and a bright, beautiful new smile to a waiting child.