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Operation Smile Vision

Since 1982, Operation Smile has believed that love is making someone else's problem your problem. Here's why. 




Operation Smile’s photographers capture the moments of families and children we serve beyond the smile. 

About Us

Operation Smile has provided hundreds of thousands of safe surgeries for those born with cleft lip and cleft palate. With more than three decades of expertise, Operation Smile creates solutions that deliver free surgery to people where it’s needed most. As one of the largest medical volunteer-based nonprofits, Operation Smile has mobilized thousands of medical volunteers from a wide range of medical specialties from more than 80 countries.

Collaboration & Partnerships

Training & Education

Our global medical leadership teams design and deliver hands-on education programs to train thousands of local medical professionals, so they can provide treatment within their own communities and share their expertise. 


Our volunteers are driven by one goal: taking care of children around the world and providing them with the highest quality surgical care. Our network of thousands of credentialed medical volunteers from more than 80 countries generously donate their time, knowledge and unique skills to change children’s lives.


We believe safe, well-timed surgery is an essential health service that should be accessible to all families. Since 1982, we’ve provided free surgery to hundreds of thousands of patients who have suffered from cleft lip, cleft palate or other dental and facial conditions. We’re hiring talented people who want to join in our vision. Explore our job openings to be a part of our team.

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Financial Stewardship

We work hard to make the most of your gift.

Commitment to Our Supporters

The immediate, life-changing surgeries we provide to children worldwide could not happen without our donors who generously contribute their hard-earned resources and time to our cause. We thank them for their compassion. If you aren't a donor yet, we invite you to support Operation Smile with the promise that you will experience the joy of helping a child who needs your kindness.