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Our volunteers are driven by one goal: taking care of children around the world and providing them with the highest quality surgical care. Our network of thousands of credentialed medical volunteers from more than 80 countries generously donate their time, knowledge and unique skills to change children’s lives.

“My hope is that children who have surgery are able to see the world in a new light and with
confidence to overcome barriers
they had to endure previously.”

- Dr. Arash Babaoff, Pediatrician, United States,



Number of hours donated by
medical volunteers last year



Estimated value of time contributed by
medical volunteers last year



The dedication and heart that our
volunteers bring to treating every patient


The reward is knowing that this child came back whole. And that now that child has a future. And the mother is thrilled because there’s nothing more despairing to think that your child does not have a future. When they come out of surgery and their parents look at them and say, ‘Beautiful,’ that’s all you need to hear.”

- Linda Highfield, Registered Nurse, United States, Volunteer

"Seeing a child smiling, seeing a mother’s tears — that’s so moving. People have a great bit of problems around the world. If we can try to help them, that’s the humanitarian thing that we must do.”

- Dr. Anil Madaree, Plastic Surgeon, South Africa, Volunteer