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Operation Smile gratefully acknowledges the individual, corporate and foundation donors who cannot stand idly by when a child is in need. Rather, they take action and help to make a difference in children's lives. Their generosity makes Operation Smile programs possible and inspires each and every surgery our medical volunteers deliver around the world.

"When all hope is lost, you really start to believe that you can live without a normal life. Because when a child goes through this, it's clearly not just the child. It's the parents, it's their siblings; it's everyone in their community around them. But when that change happens, it's like sunshine coming into your life."

-Lisa Lori, President, Lisa Lori Communications and Operation Smile Supporter, United States

"We are so grateful for Operation Smile's presence here in the Philippines. From the parents to the patients, you cannot imagine the happiness at a hospital when Operation Smile comes. There is a dedication from the doctors, the nurses, the volunteers that brings a tear to my eye."

-Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung, Founding Chairman, Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung Charitable Foundation, Inc. and Operation Smile Supporter, Philippines

"The donors are the real heroes — the people who give to the work that is happening and don't ever get to have that direct mission experience, but give so freely to make things happen and put that trust in our hands to carry out that mission. I think those people are really the heroes that contribute and really support the work that is being done all over the world."

-Donna Trentel, Child Life Specialist, United States, Volunteer for 14 Years



Donor Stories

Tim Schmid's Story

After a medical mission, Tim Schmid, President of Ethicon US, returned home and sent the following letter.

Academy of Dance's Story

Over the past 19 years, donations from The Christmas Extravaganza have brought life-changing surgeries to 714 people.

Sheri Woodruff's Story

Sheri Woodruff accompanied four of her colleagues on a medical mission in Paraguay.