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Amber Leonti

Vice President of US Development and Strategy

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Amber Leonti
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Amber Leonti, originally from southern California and shaped by the landscapes of northern California, now resides in Seattle, Washington. Her personal joy includes navigating trails with her goofy pups, immersing herself in books, sharing outdoor moments with friends and enjoying a cozy British mystery series with her husband. Amber holds an undergraduate degree from UC Santa Cruz and completed her graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

With a robust career spanning over 20 years, Amber has excelled in building strong teams while fostering impactful community relations across both corporate and nonprofit sectors. Her expertise includes coordinating extensive outreach initiatives designed to effectively address community needs while cultivating and engaging with philanthropic donors. At Operation Smile, Amber finds deep fulfillment by uniting healthcare advocacy, diversity and witnessing the profound patient and family transformations facilitated by the contributions of donors and volunteers.

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