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Operation Smile proudly invites friends and supporters to mark their place in the history of Operation Smile through the Walk of Smiles brick campaign. Comprised of nearly 3,200 bricks, the Walk of Smiles is symbolic of the number of hours donated by one team of volunteers during an international medical mission. Personalized bricks will be placed at the main entranceway and will welcome staff, volunteers, students, visiting dignitaries and supporters from around the world. > LEARN MORE

On Sept. 29, 2010, Operation Smile broke ground on its new $20 million global headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The new headquarters -- scheduled to be completed by early 2012 -- will allow Operation Smile to grow its international reach and education programs > LEARN MORE


Building a Foundation for Global Growth

In 2012, Operation Smile will establish its new $20 million Global Headquarters in Virginia, helping to secure the organization’s future as the world’s leading volunteer-based children’s medical charity. The new headquarters will showcase the world’s knowledge of cleft care and Operation Smile’s impactful programs in over 60 countries, while hosting visiting dignitaries, medical professionals and students from around the globe. With the increased capacity, Operation Smile’s new Global Headquarters, which is being fully funded by private donations, will serve as the premier resource for the training, education, and promotion of safe cleft care treatment for children worldwide. > LEARN MORE


Naming opportunities that show your support for Operation Smile's new Global Headquarters.


Explore Design

Learn about all of the details and see the latest photos of the building in process.


The Vision

Building a stronger foundation to serve as the world's premier resource for advanced cleft care.


TO DONATE CALL: 1-888-OPSMILE (888-677-6453) Address: 3641 Faculty Boulevard • Virginia Beach, VA 23453 • USA
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